Brand new, professional level recording studio now fully set up for all of your remote recording needs! Get some drums for your track today!

Need some drums for your track?

Now available for remote sessions recordings for any genre you need! Professional sounding stems sent straight to you via wetransfer at an exceptionally quick turnaround rate!

OR – Do you need a demo done for your song? Basic demos available covering all instruments and basic production for super cheap rate. Or if you need someone to collab on a track – do get in touch right away!

“His drum sound is clean and beautifully precise!”

Andrew Rogers, Producer @ BBC Radio 1


  • Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Kit (18″, 12″, 14″)
  • Ludwig Breakbeats Kit (16″, 10″, 14″)
  • Yamaha Maple/Walnut Hybrid Snare Drum
  • Maple Picollo Snare
  • Assorted Zildjian/Istanbul Cymbals to cater for any style


  • 2 x AKG 214s
  • 5 x SM57s
  • Shure Beta 52a
  • Beyer Dynamic m88
  • Seinheiser e609
  • Focusrite Pre-Amp
  • Running Logix Pro X
Recorded Drums at EveryAudio Studios